An Open Request to all Android Sites

With all the rumors flying around about Samsung and why they aren't providing updates to US phone owners, I would like to make a request of all of the sites providing quality Android coverage.

Stop doing product announcements, reviews, and leaks of Samsung devices.

Samsung has shown they do not care about the customers they acquired through the carriers and the Galaxy S line. They have shown they will repeatedly misrepresent the availability of upcoming fixes that they have promised since August. Their facebook pages are littered with hundreds if not thousands of users crying out for an answer or even a response as to why! They are ignoring us much as the quotation "Let them eat cake!" attributed (incorrectly or not) to Marie Antoinette ignored the needs, wants and desires of the working class.

Samsung want us to eat eclair.

The reason I am making this request of the Android sites out there is because of the weight and influence you carry. Thousands of people every day get locked into carrier contracts for 2 years purchasing devices that your early product reviews make sound wonderful, when many are proven over time to fall short. While their ultimate dissatisfaction lies with the manufacturer, the reviews are at least partly responsible. I understand you walk a fine line already as it is but continued support of a company whose policies are so anti consumer is irresponsible and damaging to your readership.

Recall the public outrage over the tech issues companies would have ignored in the past, the Pentium floating point division bug comes to mind, and Intel's brush off of consumer concern. Most recently though the iPhone 4 antenna issue come to mind. Even a company as traditionally stoic as Apple eventually had to come to answer the increasingly repeated claims, true or not. Now we are talking an order of magnitude in the difference of scope, there are nearly 10x as many iOs devices out there compared to Galaxy S though (iPhone 4 compared to Galaxy S is much closer). so in comparison lets use a know way to determine the weight of comments on an issue.

If you google "samsung galaxy S gps problem" you get 979,000 results, google "iphone 4 antenna problem" and get 1,010,000 results.

Now taking into account there is a difference in the number of users how is it that those numbers are so close?

In closing I again repeat my request. Cease all coverage of Samsung products until they take responsibility for taking care of their customer base by providing actual software updates instead of lip service.