Chocolate without cocoa butter aint chocolate

Gotta love this. Big Food wants to modernize regulations so they can change how they make fod under certain labeling like use vegetable oil to make Chocolate! WTF? Are we really that stupid?

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Apparently, we Americans are too stupid to tell the difference between real chocolate and the cheap, waxy "chocolatey" concoctions that food manufacturers fabricate out of artificial sweeteners, milk substitutes, and partially hydrogenated oils (i.e. those toxic trans fats). Or so the Chocolate Manufacturers Association is hoping.

Real chocolate is made, of course, from cocoa beans.

So the Chocolate Manufacturers Association, whose members include Hershey, Nestlé, and Archer Daniels Midland, are lobbying the FDA to change the legal definition of chocolate to let them substitute cheap vegetable oils for cocoa butter. But vegetable oils and cocoa butter are two entirely different ingredients.

As Brad Kinstler, the CEO of See's Candies (one of Warren Bufffet's tastier acquisitions), told Bloomberg News, "If the margarine manufacturers could call their product butter instead of being required to call it margarine, wouldn't it strike the consumer as being odd?'' Yes, and it would strike this consumer as another egregious example of Big Food's utter contempt for the American public.

The "citizens' petition" these multinational corporations have submitted to the FDA presents this proposed redefinition as a boon to consumers. As Hershey's spokesman, Kirk Saville, told Bloomberg News: "The petition would modernize all food standards, increasing flexibility to accommodate changes in technology. Changes, if adopted, would provide the flexibility to make changes based on consumer taste preference, ingredient costs and availability, and shelf life.''

I know the smell of BS from chocolate If you do too, you have till May 25th to make a comment to the FDA.