Publix takes time out for good customer service

My wife and I shop at Publix, a lot! We happen to like the store and unlike WalMart they treat you like a human not just a change purse. We have had issues with the ATM outside the store, we use it because there is no fee for my bank when we do. In the past its had a lot of issues but recently its gotten very bad. So I took time to write Publix at their website. Here is the majority of what I wrote.


My wife and I are loyal Publix shoppers but we have recently had a great deal of trouble using the at entrance ATM located at store number XXXXX. It is constantly breaking almost weekly I would say. One of the primary reasons we use it is my wife shops with cash, and if she cant get cash while at your store she wont shop there. The store management has been very sympathetic however they said to write Publix Corporate because there isn't anything they can do, hence this diatribe. Please address this problem with the ATM/Bank owner and get them to replace this broken faulty ATM with one that works since they have to fix it on nearly a weekly basis or soon the trouble for us and many others may make is simpler to shop elsewhere.

Yes I know, I come off as a hot head. I was a bit perturbed at the time (04-06-07). Last night I got a reply, it took them some time but they didn't just hit me with your typical canned response! Look at this;


We've reviewed the maintenance history of the ATM at your Publix store. It does indeed have a history of problems related to how the money bills are "picked" during a transaction. A contracted technician from Diebold was at the store Tuesday trying to determine once and for all how to fix the unit. They think it may be related to how the money is loaded into the cassette by the armored courier. The courier company has also been contacted and retraining has been conducted by them with their guards. We will watch this unit and any issues with it closely.

I apologize that you have been frustrated during your visits to our store. We like to say we're good at customer service so when something goes wrong we take it very seriously. I'm sorry that it happened multiple times until you had to finally contact us. That is the last thing we want you to have to do. Hopefully the fixes mentioned above will resolve the problems, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other matter, please don't hesitate to contact me or your store manager XXXXX XXXXX.


Retail Coordinator, Customer Service RBU

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Awesome response! They didn't just give the typical 'yeah we'll look into it', they did it and supplied an answer. Yes I did redact some of the contact info just in case they didn't want contact info spread around the net. A+ Publix. Way to go!


I took a moment to send back a response, here it is.


Thank you for showing that Publix and its people are committed to customers service in such a dedicated fashion. This was truly a step above and I appreciate the extra effort you put forth.

Since you took the time to show you cared about good customer service I have done the same. I have shared your response with those around me, co-workers, my wife, and folks on the internet. Your excellent response should not go unnoticed. I posted a copy of what I believe to be the majority of my original message to Publix (I didn't keep a copy of it) and your response on my website I took the liberty of redacting all of your personal contact information and any names from your response to prevent you from getting a flood of direct contacts about other issues as I imagine you have a system in place for dealing with interfacing with the customer.

Only one other local company has shown the dedication to customer service in the past that you just did. That would be Flowers bread company. Their story is on my website too if you feel interested in pursing it (just type Flowers in the search box). I have also submitted the Publix story to the online consumer watchdog site The Consumerist to see if they will give you additional recognition for the excellent service you provided, regardless, it will be quite some time before I forget this excellent response.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!