Circuit City does it right, others should learn from this

Ran out of AA batteries at my house today, darn kids toys eat them faster than Rosie O'Donnell eats macaroons. So I jumped on circuit city's web site and placed an online order for in store pickup. The order consisted of one package of 48 Alkaline batteries, one package of 8 NiMH rechargeable, and one 15 minute rapid charger including 4 batteries. So I place my order and head over to the store on my lunch.

I get to the customer service counter just as an employee is telling one of the ladies behind the counter that he "can't find that battery charger". She looks up at me and asks for my name, and they verify its the charger for my order, the computer shows 1 item and its nowhere to be found. So she says, "I'm sorry we don't have your charger but I'll go ahead and refund that on your order and then give you your $24 gift card." Confused I asked about the $24 gift card and she explained that since they didn't have the charger then the order didn't meet their 24min or $24 guarantee.

Needless to say I was quite surprised and pleased and the nice woman helped me through the refund process then grabbed a gift card and put my $24 on it. I gathered up my stuff, went back to the office and ordered the charger online using my $24 gift card and free shipping. So I may have to wait for it but I got a $24 discount on my $40.99 charger. Way to go Circuit City!