A wolf in the henhouse or a flasher in the mommas play group?

A while back my wife joined several Atlanta based mother groups. She has really enjoyed the friends she has made there and some of the fun things they have done together. It seemed a safe place to meet people. The groups all tend to operate in a manner of checking out whomever joins and only meeting new folks in large public gathering to prevent problems with bad people.

Recently one of them let a man (Eric Jeffares AKA James Jeffares) join who has a criminal history thats just been discovered. Information about the guy is here

Cobb Flasher Suspect Out on Bail

Just goes to show you can never be too careful.


GO Here

You will find case # 06903253 - 48

Looks to me to be 2 counts of Child Molestation and 1 Count of Indecent Exposure looks like its at Jury Trial Now!


Looks like he may have NEGotiated a GUILTY PLEA and gotten 2 years incarcerated and 8 years probation.

Information here!

He doesn't show in the inmate search yet at the GA dept of corrections. So maybe I am reading it wrong? Opinions?