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The Unmitigated Arrogance of Companies Offering Preorders

I have noticed a disturbing trend in the past year. Companies are offering preorders of items, letting you backorder said item before the first one ships. When you know there is zero question about you wanting an item this is a time and frustration saver. It is a good thing if handled properly. It is also a way for a company to judge the demand they can expect. Typically people who preorder are either enthusiasts about the product or company selling it. Their brand loyalty is a large part of their decision.

Set it and forget it backup, the most dangerous illusion

So like many people nowadays, my life is increasing digital. Work, health info, legal info, photos (over 10,000 family photos alone). Having worked in IT for 20 years professionally and 30 years if you count messing around as a teen I have seen just how bad a data disaster can be. So in 2011 I decided to sign up with one of the many online backup companies out there.

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

So you don't believe it? You don't believe that a bunch of virtually mindless, slow moving, hordes of creatures with no life are consuming our society right now? You don't believe that every day this horde grows by assimilating others who are too slow and weak to defend themselves? It's the absolute truth. Who is one of their latest victims?


A Sad State Of Affairs

You know I don't often go off the deep end but its been one of those kind of years. I have to say though the latest thing brought to my attention by my wife has me just shaking my head. 

Using the GPL as a sledge hammer

The GPL is one of the best inventions of our lifetime. It's a powerful way to make sure that code that started out shared must stay shared in some cases, and protects that code in others. What I hate to see though is when some asshole decides since he cant manage to compile some stock source that obviously it was changed in order for the executable/object code publisher to create it.

Wife's latest passion

My wife and I since moving to West Georgia had wanted some new dogs in our life. What we wound up finding were Pembroke Welsh Corgis. This is a terrific breed. They were bred in England as a herding dog and the Queen still has some to this day. Make no mistake about it these dogs are fun! So my wife and I are taking a crack at breeding them with help from an experience breeder who has been doing it for years. Pop over and take a look, the site looks real nice! http://www.southerncorgis.com

"Pinterest, We Have a Problem" Response

So across my Twitter feed today I get a link titled "Pinterest, We Have a Problem". So having a few friends and a wife that use the service I decided to read it and see what was up. What I found was your typical FUD piece by someone who doesn't have a clue. Basically the author makes the claim that Pinterest has a policy in its TOS that mas you laying claim to anything you share, lets take a look shall we?

Never buy anything from Toshiba as they will never admit to possibly having defects

We bought our daughter a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5300 laptop for Christmas, to make a long story short it was broken when we opened it. Toshiba refused to fix it stating the damage was "outside normal wear" and was our fault, demanding we pay over $325 for the repair. They then had the audacity to send me a survey. Here is what I sent them.

Are You A Good Steward With Your Investemnt Dollars?

So you are invested in a major bank or financial institution. No? do you have money in a bank or financial institution? You have done your homework, you are certain you have made a good decision. But have you investigated things for yourself. Is their IT department and are their procedures up to snuff. Want to try a quick test? Do you have an account with them? Good! Lets pretend you forgot your password. So go to their site and go through the lost password procedure. We can wait....

A Tale of Two Box Stores

So today was a Sunday like many others for us. We had a few items to pick up and we set out to take care of that. Little did we know some of the roller coasters we would encounter both good and bad. We left the house and headed to Douglasville. Stopped at HarborFreight Tools and got me a few things for some projects here. After that we headed to Bed Bath and Beyond but they hadn't opened yet (it was 11:00 and they dont open till noon here on Sunday)so my wife suggested we go to OfficeMax as she needed a chair to go with her new desk.

Office Max


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